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Sparrow Society is merely one piece of the puzzle.
The true movement is YOU.
The movement is all of us.
Just like the Sparrow bird,

We rely on your support to implement our programs, to break down shame, and to raise the voices of those in the margins. 

You can support this work through donating below, hosting a Period Party or advocacy event, or selling goods made in our empowerment programs.

Sparrow Society Intl is a 501c3 registered charity. Donations made towards our programs are tax deductible.

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Why does Sparrow Society focus on Women?

Gender Based Violence is a reality for far too many women. It has been proven that when women are able to financially sustain themselves, they are less vulnerable to abuse and exploitation. By providing economic opportunities for women alongside strategic advocacy campaigns, we are restoring the power back into her hands to protect herself, provide for her family, and reach for a better future.

"We are not in the business of creating products. We are in the business of creating options - real options." - Kate Brim-Senekal, Founder & Managing Director

Skills Development

Having additional skills helps candidates stand out in a crowded job market. We offer training in:
★ Upskilling Sewing Skills
★ Barista Program & Coffee Sales
★ Work readiness & Entrepreneurship
★ Upskilling in Quality, Consistency & Reliability as well as customer care and communication.

Job Creation

We not only train in useable skills, but we work to procure and grow REAL & sustainable job opportunities.
★ Researching and procurement of real economic opportunities for our beneficiaries
★ Recruitment and providing training for beneficiaries to be successful in new job opportunity
★ Partnerships with International Brands

Enterprise Development

For candidates who have an entrepreneurship edge and are ready to take their business idea to the next level, they are invited to participate in our Creative Business Skills Course & Mentorship program where they learn:
★ Basic Business Skills:
★ Tax & Compliance
★ Branding & Marketing
★ Product Development, Pricing
★ Sales & Customer Service

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