This program works towards women’s empowerment by addressing the need for financial stability for Survivors to rebuild their lives free from their abuser, and the very real need of girls who lack access to these essential items. All for only $8 per pack of 4!

Washable Santiary Pads
Power Pads Recipients
Survivors Economically
and Socially Empowered

Empowering Survivors Through:


Training in sewing, job readiness and entrepreneurship


Making of Reusable Sanitary Pads


Full time social worker offering group and individual sessions


Creating a network of Survivors who support and encourage on eanother along the journey to healing

Donate towards this incredible project today to support both Survivors and people experiencing Period Poverty.

Sparrow Society Intl is a registered 501c3 in the state of Texas. A donation receipt will be issued for you to use as a tax deduction.

Donations can be made once off or you can become a monthly partner

Research clearly shows that when a woman is able to financially sustain herself, she is less prone to abuse and exploitation.

Sparrow Society partners with Domestic Abuse and Human Trafficking organizations to offer Survivors a viable and dignifying economic empowerment opportunity. This allows her to work towards financial stability while in a safe and nurturing environment, while maintaining access to the ongoing psycho-social support.

This support allows the survivor to get back on her feet at a more reasonable pace and provides a support structure that significantly reduces the secondary trauma often experienced by survivors as they re-enter the workforce.

This program addresses so many of the issues surrounding women’s empowerment both from the preventative and a restorative side — addressing the need for financial provision for survivors to rebuild their lives free from their abuser — and the very real need of those who lack access to these essential items. Having free access to period products reduces their vulnerability to sexual exploitation and allows them to stay in school, further reducing vulnerabilities and social inequalities.

It weaves together women of all ages who are all in hard circumstances on their own, but who have come together to support one another and build each other up and create pathways of empowerment for one another.

Why are we giving away pads?

An inside look at one of the pages in our Menstrual Health Educational Pamphlet provided in every Power Pads Pack.

A special thanks to Joyce Meyer Ministries who sponsored the first 100,000 pads to get this program off the ground. Their donation sponsored Power Pad Packs for 25,000 people experiencing period poverty across Africa, empowering 40 Survivors in the process!

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