Producing With Purpose – the Product and the People

“Each time I manufacture a new bag for a client, I learn something new” – Xolelwa, Seamstress and Bag Team Leader

Sparrow Society knows more each day the power of social impact, but this journey continues to show us the ripple effects of ethical manufacturing. Not only do we believe in locally sourced material for our projects, we also greatly believe in an ethical work environment for all our team.

We mainly work with a team that comes from surrounding communities in Cape Town. One thing Sparrow Society has aimed to do is make sure the work environment for the whole team is a great conducive space. We have aimed to make sure our team gets paid well and have long-term company benefits. They also have regular working hours and work in a place that empowers them as skilled workers in their industry.

Our skilled production team do not only make the products, but also give great input in the development phase of things to help improve the outcome of a product. What we truly appreciate about our team is their willingness to learn and continue to grow. They have also embraced the sense of family as they work so well as a team. Ethical and responsible manufacturing has become their DNA.

Ethical manufacturing for us goes beyond the product, but includes those who made it. So when you buy from and support ethical manufacturing companies, like Sparrow Society, you not only get a well-made product. You support social upliftment. You say yes to responsible fashion and longevity in job creation and job wellness.

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