Gerda Scheepers – Community Hero of the Month!

Community Hero Campaign in partnership with Elizabeth Arden

This month Sparrow Society and Elizabeth Arden have chosen to honour an incredible “Mother of a Multitude”!.

Congratulations to Gerda Scheepers, a volunteer school administrator at Ubuntu School and House Mother at the school residence, Ubuntu House, where she looks after and acts as a true mother dove to 26 boys Grades 6-12.

“Gerda is a true hero and deserves to be celebrated!! Her mothers heart is a gift to all she comes in contact with. The residents of the house and learners at the school find true comfort in her approachable demeanour and caring heart!” – Hannah Ross, fellow teacher at Ubuntu School

Gerda and her husband are originally from Gauteng and after studying children’s ministry, they moved to Morocco for 7 years and helped start a school there.  Upon moving back to South Africa they finally settled in the Southern Peninsula of Cape Town where they came to learn about Ubuntu Academy.  She has always been drawn to young people and when the opportunity arose for them to become the house parents for the boys, it seemed like the perfect fit.  But not only does she act as a “true mother dove” to these boys at their home, but she also goes with them to school!! She acts as an administrator at the new Ubuntu School and as one teacher puts it, “really holds everything and everyone together”.  I heard countless stories during my visit to the school of all the ways Gerda has gone above and beyond to pour into the lives of these boys and the other teachers, but when I asked her about it, she very seamlessly pointed back to the team in honest humility saying, “its a family business, we all do our part and hold each other up”.
She was such an inspiring woman and I wished I could’ve spent all day there with her, gleaning from her wisdom, humility and grace.
Lets all #BeLikeGerda and #BeBetterHumans!
Thanks so much Gerda for all you do for the youth of South Africa!
Well, there you have it – what an amazing woman that deserves to be honoured!
Thank you also for all the nominations received for our Elizabeth Arden and Sparrow Society Community Hero Award! We have so many incredible girls in South Africa serving their community and making a difference! If you nominated someone that didn’t win or know of a women that deserves to be celebrated, send us a message at She might just be our next HERO!

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