Cosmetic Bag Customizations

Zip Options

Zips are almost an afterthought when choosing a GWP bag construction, but they can make quite a big difference in the overall look and quality of a bag. Using a bright or contrasting colour zip can change the whole look. We are also loving the look of the silver and gold nylon zips at the moment. They add a touch of luxury to an otherwise mundane feature. For cosmetic bags where wet items may be placed in, we recommend the nylon over the metal as the metal will tarnish if exposed to water too much. The nylon is also a more cost effective option, so really it’s a no-brainer in our book. Nylon wins the day. 

Then there is the zip pull – such a tiny detail that again, can pack a big punch if you opt for a fancy pull, a logo engraved pull or even a leatherette pull for added flair.

The “type 3” and “type 5” are referring to the size of the zip. Type 3 is pretty standard, type 5 chunkier so has a more dramatic effect if that is what you are going for. 


This beige or off-white lining is pretty standard and is used in most of our bags. It looks amazing with a white or light coloured print. It adds a touch of softness. 

Black is great because it hides dirt and marks. It also brings in a dramatic effect. I love the way it brought out the tiny black instagram logo on this bag. 

Then there are the BOLD lining options. These pack such a lovely surprise for your customers when they open the bag. It brings with it an instant sense of joy and happiness. It can take a seemingly mundane print and make it shout. This is also a great way to bring in your branding colour if you aren’t able to feature it in your bag print. We love the lumo yellow and orange used on the black and white prints from Fair Anita (pic 1 and 3 below), the pop of orange to bring out the branding colour on the One & Only Hotel bag (pic 2) and the unexpected pop of blue to match the blue zip on the gold triangle print we made for Elizabeth Arden back in 2016. 

Ready to build your own bag?

Use our Product Builder to start creating yours now! To indicate your colour choice for zip and/or lining – just list in the comments box at the bottom before you submit. The combinations are endless! 

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