What?? African prints aren’t made in Africa? #buybackSA

When we first got started on this journey with Sparrow and we began to seek out suppliers, I realized how many of the “African prints” and “Shwe Shwe” were actually made overseas and I knew we had to do things differently, even if it meant paying a bit more upfront.
We see it as part of the purpose behind our products: an investment into our country and a commitment to ensure that our products are truly ethical products.

“We are all contributors of this continent; we can either invest in its growth or contribute to its underdevelopment.”
“If all the money sent to non-African manufacturers in the name of “African Prints” were channeled to the continent, our manufacturers would have the financial resources to innovate the way they produce, and the sector would be attractive to young people, providing jobs and contributing to the economy.”
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