Welcome Host!

We are so excited that you have signed up to host a party to celebrate women’s empowerment, eat some bloody good food, and play informative and hilarious period games… all while advocating to END PERIOD POVERTY!

Step 01

Choose your format. From girls night to corporate team building and everything in between -- the options are endless. You can make your party however you want to best suit your style and your people.

The "Girls Night" format works best with a fun opener game (either the euphamism game or "Never Have I Ever - Period edition" - or play both!) and then wrap it up with a 2 part trivia.

You can also pitch it as a "trivia night". This works really well for mixed gender groups. We have a 4 part trivia game that covers funny and informative questions around Gender Equality, Menstruation, Global issues, and Taboos!

Please see more info below on these variations.

Step 02

Decide on your date and time and send out your invites!

Invite Templates

Use our FREE canva templates to create your invite based on your format, day and time.
We provide all the graphics/resources you need, but feel free to create your own.

Just choose the theme that best suits your party, put in our party’s details (date and address), and download as jpg.

Tips on your invite

Saying “Hey, come to my period party to celebrate periods!” probably isn’t going to get the reaction you hope for.

Let’s be honest- it sounds kinda weird.

Instead, stick to the fun parts to entice them to come, and let the party speak for itself!

Click HERE to download shareable video

Step 03

Style it! This step is completely optional, but it does make it fun if you have the time to get creative with it. Download our free “Bloody Good Food” recipe e-book and get even more creative ideas from our Pinterest board for fun red/pink and period-themed food. You can even make it extra festive with some added red/pink decor or a period positive photobooth complete with printable props! How big or small you go with all the extras is completely up to you.

Check out our Party On Period! pinterest boards for more recipes and inspiration.

Download and print our posters, or have them on a slideshow on your screen while guests arrive.

Step 04

Set your “flow” and get your content ready.

01. Set the agenda

Content. A nice lil mix of fun and impact. Set a schedule to help keep things moving and make sure you aren’t rushing at the end. We recommend to start with a simple euphamism game at the beginning to break the ice, and then go into the trivia where things really get wild. Then wrap it up with the video and call-to-action. 3 hours is usually a good timeframe to work with, 2 if you are keeping it simple with just trivia.

02. Choose your games

Trivia is a must. It’s honestly the best part. We have a ridiculous amount of ready-to-go trivia questions. Choose your favorite / the ones that will best connect with your people and get ready to ugly-cry-laugh.

We Recommend:

If you are also playing other games (“Girls Night” vibes):

2 sets of 10 questions each.
Use 60 second timer for each question (leave 120 seconds in planning per question as there will be follow up conversations and fun).
2-5 min break in between sets

If you’re format is “Trivia Night”:

Trivia night suggestions:
4 sets of 10 questions
Use 60 second timer
2 min break in between sets

Examples of some of our trivia questions:

Fun tip to spice it up:

Use jello shots to make the trivia game even more fun (they don’t even have to be alcoholic – just red jiggly goodness). When a team gets the question wrong, they have to take a shot.

This can also be fun to use in a Period rendition of “Never Have I Ever”, which is a fun way to open up the party.


Step 05
Get set up to receive donations
01. Set up your fundraising profile to qualify for prizes and provide a central funding hub for your guests (its super easy – and promotes a feeling of group accomplishment at the end of the event).

Tip: Create a QR code that links to your fundraising profile to display on the screen after you show the video. This will make it super easy for guests to link up and donate.

*This functionality is currently under construction and will be back up soon. If you are on our mailing list, then you will get an email update when its ready.*

02. Get the video link ready with the call-to-action to show at the end of the trivia.

IT’S TIME TO PARTY! Enjoy the time with friends and THANK YOU for joining the movement to End Period Poverty.

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